5 inch Concrete Metal Building Slab Specifications

  • Our TurnKey Slab is a heavy duty 5" reinforced concrete slab using 3000 psi. concrete.

  • 24" Perimeter and cross beams - 24" beams are standard on all of our slabs, if there is more than a 18" drop on your slab, a deeper beam will be required because we always dig at least 6" down into undisturbed ground for better support.

  • 5/8" rebar in beams - We use 4 rebar 1/2" thick in every beam for maximum support in our standard slabs, if more strength is desired, we offer 5/8" or 3/4" rebar as well.

  • 3/8" rebar on mat on 12" centers - On our top mat we use 3/8" rebar on 12" centers which creates a very strong slab.

  • 3/8" Stirrups on 30" centers - Our stirrups are places on 30" centers for maximum support.

  • 5/8" Corner bars - We use 5/8" corner bars to tie all the beams together, this creates a very strong bond between beams.

  • We use concrete vibrators, trowel machines that provide a very smooth finish, high quality materials.

  • We use a poly moisture barrier to minimize your slab sweating.

Metal Building Slab Picture
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