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Letters from Satisfied Customers!

Barndominium Letter
May 2010
Mr. Divin,

Attached you will find a check for the balance of our invoice, which I am cheerfully sending to you. Cheerfully, because my wife Linda and I have been absolutely overjoyed by the way that you, Luke, and the rest of your staff of WD Metal Buildings, have treated us and the care and detail that WD puts into their buildings.

Linda and I have been trying to decide what to place out in Cat Spring, Texas for an immediate weekend place and ultimately a manageable place to retire to in the next 4-6 years. Over the past 5 years we have looked at everything possible. They ranged from having a used cargo container placed out on the land and making it over into a manufactured home to a $385,000 oversized, “Texas rock house”.

We were told about some of the “BARNDOMINIUMS” that were popping up across the state. We were told about several in Austin County that people were really happy with. Upon inquiring who erected the barn part of it WDMB was the usual answer. I looked for you on the web and was amazed that you have a very simple way of pricing them out just like the customer wants. The customer decides what they can afford, and there is no haggling. Other steel builders were always evasive about costs. WDMB pricing is up front and doesn’t contain any of those “BY THE WAY” charges.

When we spoke with other metal building companies, we were always turned off by their high tech sales approaches. There was no real “Trust Factor” when we talked with them. Whether I spoke with you, Luke, or your field staff I received the same considerate, patient information. I asked to be explained what was to happen, what was happening, and what did happen. WDMB has a totally believable business model.

Linda and I had been at odds about who we could get to form up and handle pouring the slab…did we know how to set the plumbing up “in the slab”. Who could we get to dig a well…put in a septic system, frame it up so that we could have the plumbing done. Your recommendation was great. When the day came we found that there are some very capable people in our backyard. I found it most assuring that you had prepped me with some explanations on how the use of a metal building instead of brick could pay dividend in the future on electricity usage.

Not only would the reflectivity of the metal roof assist in keeping energy consumption down, but the additives they put in the paint do the same, and when properly framed out it allows for the use of R-19 instead of R-13 in the walls and up to R-30 in attic areas. These were things that we were looking to find because as we all know electricity prices just keep on rising.

I think that most 50 year olds and over, like Linda and myself, are starting to see that our savings seem to be dwindling daily. There are very small returns on our investments. We need a new way of looking at having our money last longer. The normal way is to not spend more than you make and pay yourself first, but that only goes so far.

We believe that utilizing your building will allow us to spend more money on the inside to make it as nice as any $400,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 condo where you are at the mercy of staff. Plus, it will keep an extra $100,00.00 to $200,000.00 or more in our bank account.

Thank you to all your people. We have found the perfect answer for our retirement plans. Your patience, understanding and expertise have proven to be priceless.

Thank you for getting us headed down the path to our golden years.

Richard and Linda Clayton
Cat Spring, Texas 78933

Christopher Sokol
2311 Moss Creek Court
Richmond, Texas 77469

W.D. Metal Buildings
Pleasanton, Texas

Attn: Mr. Wayne Divin

Dear Wayne,

Your expert team of builders finished work on our 40' x 80' tractor shed in Weimar yesterday. 
I have enjoyed working with your company.  I had high expectations and your building team exceeded them all!  Specifically, the care that each person put into their work resulted in a finished product that I am very proud of! 
They took a special interest in working out the details of installing the special windows my wife wanted in the structure.  Your crew worked safely, neatly, and efficiently! And they were patient with my questions.

Not only is the building beautiful, but also the grounds were left spotless!  When my brother and I build additional structures at our farm, we will choose your company. 
I highly recommend WD Metal Buildings to anyone wanting to build a metal building!


Christopher Sokol

Will Boytim

W.D. Metal Buildings
Pleasanton, Texas

Dear Wayne:

Thanks again for the great job done building my barn!  Despite picking and poking for the last week, I haven't found a single detail that wasn't executed to the highest standard.   Having a barn built by the lowest bidder, who also happened to be a 'total stranger' from half way across the state, was cause for some concern!
I see now that concern was totally unfounded.  Your guys showed up, put up and cleaned up, all on time and without complaint.   The results are beautiful!

Please distribute the enclosed to the crew who worked on my barn as a "Thank You," and an early Christmas Bonus.

If you ever have a prospective client in the Willis area that wants a reference, or would like to see a sample barn, please feel free to give them my number and e-mail.

Best Regards,

Will Boytim