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W.D. Metal Building Welcome Message

Dear Customer:

Thank you for your interest in W.D. Metal Buildings!

I would like to give you an overall view of W.D. Metal Building Company.

Our Company was established 20 years ago, with a vision of offering high-quality
metal buildings at an affordable price, exclusively for the rural community!

I attribute our success over the past 20 years to 4 things:
  1. Superior Design
  2. High Quality Materials
  3. Professional Workmanship
  4. Conducting business in a straight forward-manner.
Superior Design -  The continuous roof has a modern, aerodynamic design and also eliminates the roof cap, which reduces the risk of leaks.  W.D. Metal buildings are also
built with an all-steel welded frame, to create a solid unit.  Another advantage is a clear-span design.   This means no interior supports to get in your way.

High-Quality Materials -  Our buildings are constructed with 26-gauge Galvalume roof and walls.  We use long-life roof screws, instead of regular plated screws, which rust over time.  We remove metal shavings from roof after installation.  Our company constructs the framework with new pipe.  Also, we paint the framework with a high-quality Red Oxide Primer.

Professional Workmanship  -  Our crews are Company Employees.  This enables us to maintain a high level of quality control, which is not always the case with sub-contractors.  W.D. Metal Buildings is a fully-insured company.  Erecting metal buildings is a high-risk occupation, and carrying adequate insurance coverage is a must.

Conducting business -  A straight-forward approach is our motto.  We want your metal building purchase to be an enjoyable experience from start to finish.  Word-of-mouth is our biggest asset, and we want you to be completely satisfied!

Yours truly,
Wayne Divin, Owner